Thursday, 19 April 2012

There must be more

Okay, I know I buy a tabloid newspaper. I get that sensationlist (did I spell that right? Ah feck it) reporting of celeb gossip is what some people want, but really, three days now of this Simon Cowell tripe? I'm sure there must be other more worthy news going on in the world that the pages devoted to this nonsense about the smug one could be used for. Right?

Anyway. Got the new laptop up and running and it's really good, fast running and all shiny and new (which is the important thing). It's rare for us to buy anything new in computing, my fiance usually buys reconditioned, or with the main PC just upgrades the parts as and when needed. We only got our new flatscreen monitor as the old cathode ray tube monitor was making distressing noises when it was on. That got sent to a charity shop when we got the new one.

The flatscreen one was a bit tricky to get used to, we had to adjust the brightness settings as its self setting were way to bright and hurt my eyes, and it's weird having such a large workspace, and playing WoW was interesting the first time.

Still waiting for the weather to realise that it's meant to be spring (I'm British okay? I talk about the weather XD). Tired of cold nights, two duvets and the fact that I still have the bedroom heater on. Maybe by the time May comes around the weather will be warmer.

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