Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I hate being a grown-up..

Been thinking about this ever since I watched Jenna Marbles's video about this (look her up, she's a youtube vlogger - funny, but be warned she does swear alot).

Thought about it again this morning on my way home from getting a paper (walking back the long way so I could get more exercise). Then it was inside to do some aerobic exercise as I need to lose a bit of weight to help my blood pressure go down. See? I never had to worry about this when I was younger, I ate what I wanted, went out loads with my friends, on bike rides and the like, and getting one of the family health conditions was far away.

So here I am, 35, and my body is pretty much like one of those clapped out bangers that the owner is desperate to cling onto but knows they need to get a new car. Only I can't get a new body. Which is a shame. Next big scientific discovery? Yes please.

So the run down; I have asthma, currently got three inhalers for that, though when I go for my next appointment with the asthma nurse that will probably change again, I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome - look it up!), I have high blood pressure which will probably need medication, but I have to find out the results from my blood tests and ECG. I wear glasses, have done since I was 11, and whilst I can see enough to get around without them, everything is a lovely blur. And when I get my period, it comes with a side of cramps and migraines (and sometimes triggers my IBS, yay).
Yes, I know that none of these are life threatening, but they can get me down, especially my IBS, which I have tried many times to at least control with what I eat, but it seems to matter not a jot what I try. I joke sometimes to my fiance that my body just doesn't like food full stop.

I was pretty healthy when I was younger, right up until my late teens, early twenties. Occasionally I cast blame towards a holiday I had in 1993, went to Florida, was fine on journey there, fine entire time there but the day after we flew back both me and my Mum had terrible sicknesses, she was throwing up and I was..err, doing the opposite XD
Apparently a bout of gastroenteritis can be the catalyst, so I always wonder what if I hadn't gone on that holiday. Oh well.

Anyway, that's the health side. I have more to talk about but I'll leave this for now. If I could back in time and talk to my 11year old self, I'd probably tell her many things, starting with don't go on that holiday when you're 16!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

There must be more

Okay, I know I buy a tabloid newspaper. I get that sensationlist (did I spell that right? Ah feck it) reporting of celeb gossip is what some people want, but really, three days now of this Simon Cowell tripe? I'm sure there must be other more worthy news going on in the world that the pages devoted to this nonsense about the smug one could be used for. Right?

Anyway. Got the new laptop up and running and it's really good, fast running and all shiny and new (which is the important thing). It's rare for us to buy anything new in computing, my fiance usually buys reconditioned, or with the main PC just upgrades the parts as and when needed. We only got our new flatscreen monitor as the old cathode ray tube monitor was making distressing noises when it was on. That got sent to a charity shop when we got the new one.

The flatscreen one was a bit tricky to get used to, we had to adjust the brightness settings as its self setting were way to bright and hurt my eyes, and it's weird having such a large workspace, and playing WoW was interesting the first time.

Still waiting for the weather to realise that it's meant to be spring (I'm British okay? I talk about the weather XD). Tired of cold nights, two duvets and the fact that I still have the bedroom heater on. Maybe by the time May comes around the weather will be warmer.

Monday, 16 April 2012


Sometimes I wonder about the IQ of people playing online games. Before you come back at me with 'well you play them as well', I credit myself with having a degree of common sense. I try not to do stupid things, and if I make a mistake I put my hands up, admit and apologise.

Not only was playing the beta a lesson in how sheep like people are (that thing still hasn't finished downloading but it got to the point where it had downloaded enough to be playable), but just now I finished a dungeon...(side bar, the phone just rang, yet another wrong number, asking for someone who has never lived at this address, ever - all I can assume is that this phone was someone else's at some point. Thanks BT or whoever it was that allocated it to this address).

Anyway, just finished a dungeon. Wasn't a bad run, no one died, my dps was a little better but my new mage's armour etc still is a bit sucky and it's impossible to do better than someone in heirlooms - or a hunter, very very overpowered at low levels. A person left before the dungeons end and we got someone else. A druid. Who proceeded to need on pretty much every drop. Including a piece of armour which druids cannot wear (apologies if you're reading this and you've never been near an MMO and this is all gibberish XD). I challenged him about why he was doing so, and he came back saying 'oh I need this stuff for enchanting'.

Kind of took the group aback because there are three options for a loot roll. Greed (if you don't actually need it but just want it to sell etc. Need, if it's for your class, and it's better than what you currently have in the armour slot. And DISENCHANT. Which is for enchanters. Which is the option he should have been clicking on. Muppet.

Anyway, finally received the new laptop today, I've left it in it's box as I'm a slight technology dunce and I would probably muck something up. So I'm leaving it for my fiance to sort out when he comes home. Or maybe tomorrow evening as he might be going to his aikido lesson, and if he does that I'll be able to use the PC and won't need the laptop. So I'll see.

I need to de-fuzz tonight, legs and arms - sometimes I wish it wasn't such a big deal to be a hairy woman XD

Friday, 13 April 2012

16.2GB !

Okay it's really early but I'm not sure when else I'll get around to making an entry here.

The title of this post? Oh yes, one thing I didn't mention in my first post is that I'm a gamer, mostly World of Warcraft, and yesterday after checking my email I found that I had gotten my Mists of Pandaria beta invite, so I am downloading the stuff for that now. 

Have no idea when it'll be done downloading, I guess I could have let it go through the night but I don't like to waste electricity. Our download speed isn't super fast (apparently we live in the back of beyond as far as the internet is concerned) and being on here isn't helping really, so I'll sign off with a Happy Birthday to me!

35 today. Argh.

Dear Diary..

..why don't you ever reply?

That line amused me when I read it..though my brain has discarded where exactly I did read it, or who first said it. I used to be an avid diary writer, scribbling my daily activities and thoughts into little notebooks, squirrelling the books away so that my family wouldn't find them.
(That did happen one horrible time and what I had written was used against me in a horrible way but I don't want to dwell more than this short aside..)

Over the years, I've attempted to pick the habit up again in a piecemeal fashion, managing to keep going for maybe weeks, sometimes months before it falls by the wayside, forgotten in my day to day routine. Of course, no one is ever going to read those - I hope. I still have the diaries, some are locked away in a small keepsake box, others tucked under toileteries in a drawer. One day I guess maybe I'll feel that my old words; rants, grudges, complaints etc etc should be destroyed, removed along with whatever remaining sour memories I have left from those times. Not to say that everything I wrote about was negative, I recorded good moments, trips out with my family, times with my fiance. But it's always easier to talk about the bad than the good as it seems to spill out more readily.

To be honest I'm not sure why I wanted to pick up this sort of journal making again. There isn't anything outstanding going on in my life right now, just the usual humdrum events that would probably seem quite familiar to a fair few people. I'm in my thirties, I'm engaged to a lovely man who is patient and generous (and flawed in some ways, same as me, before anyone thinks I'm going to paint him as a Gary Sue). But I love him, and hope he will forgive me for any time I mention him in this blog.

So what I write here will be my life. Yes, there will likely be some ranting, I tend to like to vent about things that annoy me, then I can move on from them. There'll probably be pictures, mostly of my cat as she is far more photogenic than myself ;) Possibly a little bit of showing off..or tentative showing off of art I'm working on or anything I feel particularly proud of. I'm a self taught amateur artist, and I'm attempting to venture into a more commercial side, selling tshirts with my designs for example.
So, there could be some self promotion as well.

A mish-mash of things. Maybe I should have called my blog that? Hmm..I wonder if I can change that thing. Well, I'll see whilst I publish this first entry =P