Monday, 16 April 2012


Sometimes I wonder about the IQ of people playing online games. Before you come back at me with 'well you play them as well', I credit myself with having a degree of common sense. I try not to do stupid things, and if I make a mistake I put my hands up, admit and apologise.

Not only was playing the beta a lesson in how sheep like people are (that thing still hasn't finished downloading but it got to the point where it had downloaded enough to be playable), but just now I finished a dungeon...(side bar, the phone just rang, yet another wrong number, asking for someone who has never lived at this address, ever - all I can assume is that this phone was someone else's at some point. Thanks BT or whoever it was that allocated it to this address).

Anyway, just finished a dungeon. Wasn't a bad run, no one died, my dps was a little better but my new mage's armour etc still is a bit sucky and it's impossible to do better than someone in heirlooms - or a hunter, very very overpowered at low levels. A person left before the dungeons end and we got someone else. A druid. Who proceeded to need on pretty much every drop. Including a piece of armour which druids cannot wear (apologies if you're reading this and you've never been near an MMO and this is all gibberish XD). I challenged him about why he was doing so, and he came back saying 'oh I need this stuff for enchanting'.

Kind of took the group aback because there are three options for a loot roll. Greed (if you don't actually need it but just want it to sell etc. Need, if it's for your class, and it's better than what you currently have in the armour slot. And DISENCHANT. Which is for enchanters. Which is the option he should have been clicking on. Muppet.

Anyway, finally received the new laptop today, I've left it in it's box as I'm a slight technology dunce and I would probably muck something up. So I'm leaving it for my fiance to sort out when he comes home. Or maybe tomorrow evening as he might be going to his aikido lesson, and if he does that I'll be able to use the PC and won't need the laptop. So I'll see.

I need to de-fuzz tonight, legs and arms - sometimes I wish it wasn't such a big deal to be a hairy woman XD

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