Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I hate being a grown-up..

Been thinking about this ever since I watched Jenna Marbles's video about this (look her up, she's a youtube vlogger - funny, but be warned she does swear alot).

Thought about it again this morning on my way home from getting a paper (walking back the long way so I could get more exercise). Then it was inside to do some aerobic exercise as I need to lose a bit of weight to help my blood pressure go down. See? I never had to worry about this when I was younger, I ate what I wanted, went out loads with my friends, on bike rides and the like, and getting one of the family health conditions was far away.

So here I am, 35, and my body is pretty much like one of those clapped out bangers that the owner is desperate to cling onto but knows they need to get a new car. Only I can't get a new body. Which is a shame. Next big scientific discovery? Yes please.

So the run down; I have asthma, currently got three inhalers for that, though when I go for my next appointment with the asthma nurse that will probably change again, I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome - look it up!), I have high blood pressure which will probably need medication, but I have to find out the results from my blood tests and ECG. I wear glasses, have done since I was 11, and whilst I can see enough to get around without them, everything is a lovely blur. And when I get my period, it comes with a side of cramps and migraines (and sometimes triggers my IBS, yay).
Yes, I know that none of these are life threatening, but they can get me down, especially my IBS, which I have tried many times to at least control with what I eat, but it seems to matter not a jot what I try. I joke sometimes to my fiance that my body just doesn't like food full stop.

I was pretty healthy when I was younger, right up until my late teens, early twenties. Occasionally I cast blame towards a holiday I had in 1993, went to Florida, was fine on journey there, fine entire time there but the day after we flew back both me and my Mum had terrible sicknesses, she was throwing up and I was..err, doing the opposite XD
Apparently a bout of gastroenteritis can be the catalyst, so I always wonder what if I hadn't gone on that holiday. Oh well.

Anyway, that's the health side. I have more to talk about but I'll leave this for now. If I could back in time and talk to my 11year old self, I'd probably tell her many things, starting with don't go on that holiday when you're 16!

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